Aastha prefers to teach the classical-style of yoga in a comprehensive course format with tremendous individual attention and guidance, as opposed to contemporary adaptations of yoga or the prevalent drop-in culture.

She runs a beginner and intermediate series for adults and a special series for children for a maximum of 20 students in a batch at a time.

Beginner Series for Adults:
Beginners 5-Session Course in Hatha Yoga

About the Course:

Aastha’s flagship 5-session yoga course for beginners to build a strong grounding in the classical Hatha Yoga tradition and learn all basic classical postures, along with deep insights into pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy. 

It runs for a week with 5 sessions in the week followed by 5 complimentary sessions in ‘Intermediate’ to progress to the next level with ease.

INR 2000

Days & Timings:
Monday, 21st December 7-8PM
Wednesday, 23rd December 7-8PM
Saturday, 26th December 10-11AM
Sunday, 27th December 10-11AM
Monday, 28th December 7-8PM

+ 1 week in Intermediate classes in January.

Upcoming Batch: Starts on Monday, 21st December 2020. 


  • 5 Sessions of 60-75 minutes each + 5 Free Sessions in Intermediate
  • Understanding of individual medical conditions & health goals with Aastha
  • Personalised attention over the 1 week duration
  • Personal feedback & practice corrections
  • Post-Class Q/Ans after each session
  • Group learning, weekly challenges & sharing amongst 20 beginners yogis like you!

Focus 1: Body Mobility & Flexibility 
Sun salutations, major pranayamas. & basic classical postures; with benefits, cures, and counter-indications for your body. Combat stress and negative emotions. Bring cheerfulness. 


Focus 2: Core Strength & Muscle Efficiency 
Level 2 variations for a stronger and more intense practice after yogic warm ups aimed at core-strengthening. Building arm strength and learning the headstand. Build confidence & mental clarity


Focus 3: Stability in Asana Practice 
Level 3 variations and bringing flow in the 60-minute classical yoga routine; understanding breathing during practice and bringing stability while increasing holding of asanas. Build stability and increased will power. 


Focus 4: Yoga as a tool for mindfulness 
Bringing attention to the mind, breath and alignment details during a seamless flow to explore the meditative side of yoga and bring mindfulness. Bring balance and calmness to the mind.


  • Different styles of yoga & what’s best for whom
  • 5 points of yoga
  • Yoga compared with other forms of exercise and its effects on the body 
  • 4 Paths of Yoga, 
  • 8 limbs of Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga) 
  • Mechanics of the mind
  • Levels of the mind with meditation & yoga
  • Yoga’s subtler effects on the body
  • Prana and energy flow
  • Yoga as a spiritual practice
  • Desk Yoga 
  • Om Chanting & Mantras
  • Fasting Challenge (Group)
  • Headstand Fun (Group)
  • Journalling with Yoga
  • Meditation: Introduction

Intermediate Series for Adults

This is only open to those who have completed a Beginner’s course with Aastha.

About the Course:

Through this course, you will improve your current understanding of pranayamas and asanas learnt in the beginners batch. You will bring yourself to an ‘Intermediate level’ as a yoga practitioner through regular practice of the asanas, finer corrections for posture improvement and progress in stability and holding of postures. You will be supported to work towards your individual goals for e.g. headstand or scorpion, crow, peacock and other asanas that require a strong intent and consistent practice.

Days & Timings:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30-8:30AM IST
Sunday 8:30AM-9:30AM IST
Monthly Fee: INR 3000/-

Interactive Series for Kids

About the Course:
The course combines the discipline of yoga with the fun of camp! Children who learn yoga at an early age have a healthy head start in life (6+ years). It trains their sense of balance, increases attention spans, and reduces the effect of over stimulation through technology.
Moreover, yoga increases self-confidence – and is a lot of fun!

Days & Timings:
Mondays and Fridays 5:00-6:00PM IST
Monthly Fee: INR 2000/-

Workshops for Groups

Looking to run a session to introduce yoga and its benefits to a group? Or want to create a customized offering for your team? Aastha offers a variety of workshops for groups of 10 or more people. The 60-90 minute sessions are customized offerings designed as per the need of the group. She has experience of running sessions for corporates, sports teams as well as associations.Below are some of her most popular offerings:

  • 5 points of Yoga & Introduction to Basics
  • Introduction to Pranayama
  • Introduction to Headstand
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Yoga Philosophy & Integration to day-today life