For Organizations

For Organizations

"When employee wellbeing is done right,
business success follows."

Aastha specialises in helping small and medium-sized firms improve the wellbeing of their people through holisitc, well-tailored offerings centred around the '5 points of yoga' philosophy to truly build a "culture of workplace well-being"

She likes to work with leadership that recognizes the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of employees as one of their core values.

More productivity & morale

through a happy, energized, and connected workforce

Higher Talent-Retention

by being a great employer and integrating well-being as a core organizational value

Future-Oriented Best-Practices

to lead in the post-pandemic world by pro-actively building a human-centric business culture

Program Philosophy


The programs are based on a holistic ‘5 points of Yoga’ philosophy to take care of not just the physical, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of employees. The ‘5 points of Yoga’ are Proper Breathing, Proper Exercise, Proper Diet, Proper Relaxation & Positive Thinking & Meditation.


Every organization has different needs and the programs cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution. 
They are customized to focus on the end result  i.e. employee well-being and thus include sessions that employees truly love, enjoy, and benefit from as much as the business.


Wellness initiatives offered in isolation from a company’s core culture or operating environment are merely a “Band- Aid” solution. 
The programs make wellbeing a part of how you do work, embedded in the work culture and environment, rather than an HR program or benefit.

Easy to adopt & deliver

Keeping employees healthy shouldn’t be as hard as it seems.
The process is made easy for HR and Management through cost-effective & flexible approaches that are easy to adopt and monitor.

Doing Yoga with Aastha has been an extraordinary cure for my back. My average workweek of 70 hours is mostly spent sitting. It resulted in spinal disc injury and chronic back pain. I was advised to go for surgery. I chose to sign up for 16 classes of classical Hatha yoga with Aastha before going for an invasive option. The recovery has been near miraculous! Within the first 8-10 classes, I could sleep without waking up in pain! Aastha has a gentle approach toward her pupil, forever encouraging them to give their best. I also enjoy her style of mixing theory and practice, focusing just beyond fitness. More than 60 classes in, I can say that each session brings a sense of peace to the day - much needed in the hectic, adrenaline packed schedule of the corporate world! I look forward to continuing my journey. There is never a dull day with her after all!
S. Pandit
Chief Solution Architect, NIFTY 50 Company

Program Elements

Online & Offline Health Sessions

The sessions combine an ideal mix of elements like exercises, asana practice, breathwork, meditation, desk- yoga & healthy lifestyle hacks specially designed to help employees stay happy, productive and focussed.

Team Building with off-the-mat Yoga

A series of workshops to help teams work together more effectively combining the wisdom of yoga philosophy & practice with an engaging style of facilitation to build happy & mindful teams.

Wellness Audits


A prior understanding of needs through consultations with CXOs, comprehensive assessments with HR and data collected via employee questionaires – forms the basis of the well-tailored programs.

Well-Being Events & Support to HR

Special workshops and sessions are offered for corporate offsites, conferences, and events. Support is provided to HR to co-create content, norms & practices or implement a ‘well-being day’ or ‘well-being week’ for a healthy, human-centric culture in the organization.

I started my yoga journey with Aastha for the popular goal of losing weight but she gave me much more than that. She helped me find balance between mental and physical strength. She gives wholesome experience of mediation, warm-up, muscle strengthening and relaxation during each practice which is rare in yoga industry now-a-days. With her, every asana, every breath becomes important and fruitful which has made me stronger, healthier and more relaxed. Now i am not afraid of any asana but want to consistently work towards reaching that level. No words are enough to thank her for that.
Viola Gupta
Consultant, Capgemini

Programs for Organisations

Program Outline:

The programs are typically 8 or 12-week long engagements, designed and run by Aastha, offered on-site or online, and are aimed towards the holistic well-being of employees through a mix of elements as well towards building happy and mindful teams.

Typical 8-12 week programs inclusions:

  • An introductory consultation with CXOs

  • A wellness audit and a comprehensive understanding of focus areas with HR

  • Bi-Weekly Health Sessions followed by Q/A

  • Personal support to HR to build content, norms & practices

  • Complimentary workshops and talks on topics ranging from desk yoga, nutrition & posture to digital detox & building mindful teams.

Session Outline:

The bi-weekly health sessions cover all that a working employee needs to truly stay happy and healthy. Each session has elements of the following:

  • Physical exercise: for body mobility, flexibility & strength


  • Yoga Asana Practice: to reverse the physical & mental ill-effects of a sedentary lifestyle and uplift the mood


  • Breathwork & Pranayamas: to stay energized and improve concentration and focus during work


  • Immunity-Boosting Kriyas: to stay safe and disease-free especially in the present context of Covid-19


  • Meditation: to bring mindfulness and relaxation to the mind during work

  • Desk Yoga: to build daily norms and habits of stretching and staying active while working


  • Work-From-Home Lifestyle Hacks: to enable a healthy home-routine to stay fit

"There is a compelling business case that companies who care for and respect their employees are more competitive and successful."

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