A well-being entrepreneur and a yoga teacher from New Delhi, India.

Yoga to me, is a state of mind. It is a state which is calm and content. It is fearless and it is now. It adjusts. It adapts. It shines like the sun.

Aastha Gupta


Aastha Gupta is an international yoga teacher and an entrepreneur from New Delhi, India. She is optimistically working towards a world where workforce wellbeing is the norm, and not the exception; by taking the original style and philosophy of yoga to individuals and organisations all across the globe.

She helps organisations & individuals embrace the original meaning and style of yoga, on and off the mat.

Today, she works closely with the leadership & people teams of selected organizations in Europe, India & US to take yoga and it’s wisdom to workplaces in it’s authentic, Indian form.
She likes to work with leadership that recognizes physical, mental and spiritual well-being of employees as one of their core values.

She also individually teaches hundreds of women, men and children the classical style of yoga all across the globe.


Aastha is a great teacher who understands her students and calibrates the content and pace of each session. The hour just passes by as we flow from one asana to the next seamlessly.

Anil George
91 Springboard

Aastha’s classes offer a truly holistic, informative and beautifully-curated experience to yoga. As a beginner, I find her classes to be the best from multiple classes/ gurus I’ve learnt from before, standing out for her end-to-end approach towards teaching characterised by a well-defined course, ample focus on breathing, meditation, theory and ofcourse, the pranayamas.

Jigya Bhagat

Aastha’s gentle and passionate approach to teaching yoga really shone through in each class. I really appreciated her efforts to guide through movement and stillness with such thoughtfulness. Her classes brought much-needed calm to turbulent times!

Veera Mo
Researcher, Sciences Po & Norwegian NGO

Yoga with Aastha has been my #1 lockdown silver lining! I signed up on a whim back in March with zero prior experience but I have loved each and every session. The most intriguing part of the practice has been to go beyond just the physical practice; delving deeper into various different aspects of yoga.
It’s surely been difficult to keep up with the practice due to the increase in workload & pandemic laziness but the most precious part of the practice has been the support and motivation I have received from Aastha herself and from this community of Yogis, consistently focussed not just on bettering themselves but also encouraging each other through the journey!

Snigdha Chadha
Jubilant FoodWork Ltd.

I remember looking at the beginner’s course with Aastha and getting excited about the head stand!
It’s been 5 months and the efforts are on 🙂
However the process has brought a shift in me. From being outcome oriented to realizing the importance of showing up every morning and being present in the class.
From pushing my body and telling myself what i need to improve on to accepting where my body is and acknowledging both the good and the bad days. I have been more accepting of myself. That meant saying no to the narrow perspective of fitness i had. I still find myself clinging on to it. Aastha has been the guiding force in this journey of knowing my body better, in understanding and practicing the multiple facets of healthy living, and in building a loving relationship with my body and mind. She has always reinforced the importance of being consistent.
She would give us feedback on our practice and is always available for any queries.
Her approach is great; we would have theory sessions on Yoga and she would explain the philosophy behind the practice.
Together, as a batch, we all tried fasting. She goes above and beyond to ensure that she is with you in your practice. For instance, she shared with me about nutrition and food as i was planning to make changes in my diet.
With Aastha, yoga is purposeful and fulfilling.

Drashti Shah
Student in Art-based Therapy